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Reasons why SpainGO! is popular

From $3.9 per lesson.

From $3.9 per lesson for high-quality private lessons

It is natural that people who spend more time studying improve faster, but it usually comes with the price. The more lessons you take, the more costly it could be. Even if the lesson quality is high, if it is too expensive for you to keep studying, it will not do any good for you in a long term.

This site provides you with an environment where you can speak the language everyday as if you are studying abroad, but it is much cheaper than going to a traditional language school. Also, unlike studying abroad, it does not require the initial cost of getting ready such as traveling and living cost as well as an enrollment fee. You can start studying at ease.

Lessons starting from $5 per lesson will definitely help you improve the language skills.

Reasons why we are cheaper than traditional language schools

Generally, it costs a lot to operate a language school since it requires to rent a space, hire instructors and administrative staff and pay for marketing to attract students. Also, your target customers are limited to those who can physically come to the school.
The number of classes a school can offer depends on the number of classrooms, and the operating cost needs to be covered by tuitions from the limited number of classes. Which naturally keeps the tuitions high. As a result, group lessons will be mainly offered to accommodate more students, and the quality of each lesson has to be compromised.

Meanwhile, SpainGO! is an online school, which does not require the high operating cost such as renting a space. Students can take lessons from anywhere in the world, so there are no restrictions due to the location or the number of classrooms.

As a result, we can use the fund to improve the quality of the lessons instead of spending it for the school operation like a regular language school. Which is why we can offer high-quality private lessons at low prices.
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