You can learn Spanish.

Were you able to read and write when you first started speaking?

Everyone learned to speak by listening to their parents speak. Then they learned many more words by just talking.

However, when you study a foreign language, you mainly learn how to read and write first. Why is that?

It is because it is difficult for an instructor to talk individually to all students in a class at a group lesson setting. This is the limitation of group lessons.

On the other hand, study abroad is said to be effective in the learning of the language. It is because listening to the local language on a daily basis, the opportunity to speak increases. That is important in the learning of the language is, to listen as much as possible of the words, and, I, such that repeated to speak to think himself.

Of course, I read it and write it is also an important learning method. However, until it reaches almost say level that you want to talk, then you will be reading a lot of text, a certain level of reading and writing in the meantime it will be able to naturally. And, if you can reach a level of up to there, it will be to be able to continue to learn on their own to write. Training of conversation about beginner‘s important.

In our site, do the private lessons using Skype. You can also learn grammar by using the teaching materials, free talk is also possible. Listen to the story of the instructor, and to speak in their own words, it will bring the same learning effect and are you studying abroad while at home.

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